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Sunday, March 7, 2010

virt-manager: The Great Bug Triage

I checked my mail this evening to find a whopping 57 new messages in my Ubuntu-Virt-Bugs folder, which is a bit high for a Sunday night.

Why, pray tell, did I have 57 new messages?

Ah, well, this was the excellent work of Marc Deslauriers, one of Canonical's esteemed security engineers, evidently working hard on a Sunday afternoon triaging virt-manager bugs.

Thanks, Marc, you're the man!

Are you reading this post wondering "How can I get more active in the Ubuntu Community?" or "How can I give something back to the open source world?" Do you have an interest in helping ensure that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS's virt-manager package is a stable graphical virtual machine manager?

If so, pay a visit to Launchpad, and help try to reproduce any of the 57 remaining New and Incomplete bugs filed against virt-manager. If you help tell us what bugs have been fixed in Lucid, and which ones remain, it will greatly help Ubuntu developers focus on fixing the rest!


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