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Friday, March 5, 2010

Server Bug Zapping: KVM in Retrospective

Big thanks to those who participated in this week's Ubuntu Server Bug Zapping effort on Ubuntu's KVM!

During the course of this week, we reduce the total number of open bugs against the qemu-kvm package in Ubuntu from 48 on Monday to 24 today. That's 24 bugs closed, slicing our open bug list in half!

Torsten Spindler was an all-star, helping triage, reproduce, and confirm fixes for quite a number of bugs, and thanks to Brian Thomason for the documentation patch. Also, thanks to Anthony Liguori (QEMU's maintainer) for meeting me at Opal Divine's and helping triage a bunch of the remaining open bugs.

I didn't get to spend quite as much time on this effort this week as I hoped, so I libvirt didn't get the love it deserves yet. I'll plan on working on libvirt in one of the next few weeks.

As for next week, stay tuned to Thierry Carrez' blog, as he's going to announce the next Bug Zapping target.


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