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Monday, May 16, 2016

Byobu Hollywood Melodrama and Ubuntu Featured on NBCNews!

A few years ago, I wrote and released a fun little script that would carve up an Ubuntu Byobu terminal into a bunch of splits, running various random command line status utilities.

100% complete technical mumbo jumbo.  The goal was to turn your terminal into something that belongs in a Hollywood hacker film.

I am proud to see it included in this NBCNews piece about "Ransomware".  All of the screenshots, demonstrating what a "hacker" is doing with a system are straight from Ubuntu, Byobu, and Hollywood!

Here are a few screenshots, and the video is embedded below...


Monday, May 9, 2016

The Parable of MudFootball and RideSharing in Austin, Texas

Once upon a time, we were all having the most fun ever, in Austin, Texas, playing mudfootball!

Everyone got to play. We took turns. No one got hurt. It was great.  It was a happy time.  Everybody wins in mudfootball!

But a couple of kids didn't like some of the rules of mudfootball, so they suggested changing them. We all listened to their new proposed rules, and put it to a vote.

Some players (like me) were cool with the new proposed rules, but after the vote, it turned out that the majority preferred the existing rules.

So a few of the kids got mad and left :-( But more than just that, they were sort of bratty, and they took their football with them.

Now, the rest of us are kind of sad and muddy and want to play more mudfootball but the ball went away. Oh well...

Hopefully the mad kids change their mind and come back and play!  Otherwise, I guess we'll have to go find a new football to play with?


p.s. I really, really, really hope Uber and Lyft remain in Austin!  The City of Austin requires:
(1) fingerprint based background checks,
(2) no dropoffs/pickups in active lanes of traffic, and
(3) placards marking a car as an Uber/Lyft vehicle.
That's pretty much it.  Please come back, Uber and Lyft!

Using Containers to Create the World's Fastest OpenStack

Below you can find the audio/video recording of my OpenStack Austin presentation, where I demonstrated Ubuntu OpenStack Mitaka, running on top of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, entirely within LXD machine containers.  You can also download the PDF of the slides here.  And there are a number of other excellent talks here!