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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apply updates to multiple systems simultaneously using Byobu and Shift-F9

A StackExchange question, back in February of this year inspired a new feature in Byobu, that I had been thinking about for quite some time:
Wouldn't it be nice to have a hot key in Byobu that would send a command to multiple splits (or windows?
This feature was added and is available in Byobu 5.73 and newer (in Ubuntu 14.04 and newer, and available in the Byobu PPA for older Ubuntu releases).

I actually use this feature all the time, to update packages across multiple computers.  Of course, Landscape is a fantastic way to do this as well.  But if you don't have access to Landscape, you can always do this very simply with Byobu!

Create some splits, using Ctrl-F2 and Shift-F2, and in each split, ssh into a target Ubuntu (or Debian) machine.

Now, use Shift-F9 to open up the purple prompt at the bottom of your screen.  Here, you enter the command you want to run on each split.  First, you might want to run:

sudo true

This will prompt you for your password, if you don't already have root or sudo access.  You might need to use Shift-Up, Shift-Down, Shift-Left, Shift-Right to move around your splits, and enter passwords.

Now, update your package lists:

sudo apt-get update

And now, apply your updates:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Here's a video to demonstrate!

In a related note, another user-requested feature has been added, to simultaneously synchronize this behavior among all splits.  You'll need the latest version of Byobu, 5.87, which will be in Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic).  Here, you'll press Alt-F9 and just start typing!  Another demonstration video here...


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Elegant Weapon, for a More Civilized Age...

Before Greedo shot first...
Before a troubled young Darth Vader braided his hair...
Before midiclorians offered to explain the inexplicably perfect and perfectly inexplicable...
And before Jar Jar Binks burped and farted away the last remnants of dear Obi-Wan's "more civilized age"...

...I created something, of which I was very, very proud at the time.  Remarkably, I came across that creation, somewhat randomly, as I was recently throwing away some old floppy disks.

Twenty years ago, it was 1994.  I was 15 years old, just learning to program (mostly on my own), and I created a "trivia game" based around Star Wars.  1,700 lines of Turbo Pascal.  And I made every mistake in the book:
Of course I'm embarrassed by all of that!  But then, I take a look at what the program did do, and wow -- it's still at least a little bit fun today :-)

Welcome to swline.pas.  Almost unbelievably, I was able to compile it tonight on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit Linux desktop, using fpc, after three very minor changes:
  1. Running fromdos to remove the trailing ^M endemic of many DOS-era text files
  2. Replacing the (80MHz) CPU clock based sleep function with Delay()
  3. Running iconv to convert the embedded 437 code page ASCII art to UTF-8
Here's a short screen cast of the game in action :-)

Would you look at that!
  • 8-bit color!
  • Hand drawn ANSI art!
  • Scrolling text of the iconic Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi logos! 
  • Random stars and galaxies drawn on the splash screen!
  • No graphic interface framework (a la Newt or Ncurses) -- just a whole 'bunch of GotoXY().
  • An option for sound (which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to work -- I'm sure it was just 8-bits of bleeps and bloops).
  • 300 hand typed quotes (and answers) spanning all 3 movies!
  • An Easter Egg, and a Cheat Code!
  • Timers!
  • User input!
  • And an option at the very end to start all over again!
You can't make this stuff up :-)

But watching a video is boring...  Why don't you try it for yourself!?!

I thought this would be a perfect use case for a Docker.  Just a little Docker image, based on Ubuntu, which includes a statically built swline.pas, and set to run that one binary (and only that one binary when launched.  As simple as it gets, Makefile and Dockerfile.

$ cat Makefile 
        fpc -k--static swline.pas

$ cat Dockerfile 
FROM ubuntu
MAINTAINER Dustin Kirkland
ADD swline /swline

I've pushed a Docker image containing the game to the Docker Hub registry.
Quick note...  You're going to want a terminal that's 25 characters high, and 160 characters wide (sounds weird, yes, I know -- the ANSI art characters are double byte wide and do some weird things to smaller terminals, and my interest in debugging this is pretty much non-existant -- send a patch!).  I launched gnome-terminal, pressed ctrl-- to shrink the font size, on my laptop.
On an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS machine:

$ sudo apt-get install
$ sudo docker pull kirkland/swline:v1
$ sudo docker run -t -i kirkland/swline:v1

Of course you can find, build, run, and modify the original (horrible!) source code in Launchpad and Github.

Now how about that for a throwback Tuesday ;-)

May the Source be with you!  Always!

p.s.  Is this the only gem I found on those 17 floppy disks?  Nope :-)  Not by a long shot.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Deploy OpenStack IceHouse like a Boss!

This little snippet of ~200 lines of YAML is the exact OpenStack that I'm deploying tonight, at the OpenStack Austin Meetup.

Anyone with a working Juju and MAAS setup, and 7 registered servers should be able to deploy this same OpenStack setup, in about 12 minutes, with a single command.

$ wget
$ juju-deployer -c icehouseOB.yaml
$ cat icehouseOB.yaml

    openstack-origin: "cloud:trusty-icehouse"
    source: "distro"
      charm: "cs:trusty/ceph-27"
      num_units: 3
      constraints: tags=physical
        fsid: "9e7aac42-4bf4-11e3-b4b7-5254006a039c"
        "monitor-secret": AQAAvoJSOAv/NRAAgvXP8d7iXN7lWYbvDZzm2Q==
        "osd-devices": "/srv"
        "osd-reformat": "yes"
        "gui-x": "2648.6688842773438"
        "gui-y": "708.3873901367188"
      charm: "cs:trusty/keystone-5"
      num_units: 1
      constraints: tags=physical
        "admin-password": "admin"
        "admin-token": "admin"
        "gui-x": "2013.905517578125"
        "gui-y": "75.58013916015625"
      charm: "cs:trusty/nova-compute-3"
      num_units: 3
      constraints: tags=physical
      to: [ceph=0, ceph=1, ceph=2]
        "flat-interface": eth0
        "gui-x": "776.1040649414062"
        "gui-y": "-81.22811031341553"
      charm: "cs:trusty/quantum-gateway-3"
      num_units: 1
      constraints: tags=virtual
        ext-port: eth1
        instance-mtu: 1400
        "gui-x": "329.0572509765625"
        "gui-y": "46.4658203125"
      charm: "cs:trusty/nova-cloud-controller-41"
      num_units: 1
      constraints: tags=physical
        "network-manager": Neutron
        "gui-x": "1388.40185546875"
        "gui-y": "-118.01156234741211"
      charm: "cs:trusty/rabbitmq-server-4"
      num_units: 1
      to: mysql
        "gui-x": "633.8120727539062"
        "gui-y": "862.6530151367188"
      charm: "cs:trusty/glance-3"
      num_units: 1
      to: nova-cloud-controller
        "gui-x": "1147.3269653320312"
        "gui-y": "1389.5643157958984"
      charm: "cs:trusty/cinder-4"
      num_units: 1
      to: nova-cloud-controller
        "block-device": none
        "gui-x": "1752.32568359375"
        "gui-y": "1365.716194152832"
      charm: "cs:trusty/ceph-radosgw-3"
      num_units: 1
      to: nova-cloud-controller
        "gui-x": "2216.68212890625"
        "gui-y": "697.16796875"
      charm: "cs:trusty/cinder-ceph-1"
      num_units: 0
        "gui-x": "2257.5515747070312"
        "gui-y": "1231.2130126953125"
      charm: "cs:trusty/openstack-dashboard-4"
      num_units: 1
      to: "keystone"
        webroot: "/"
        "gui-x": "2353.6898193359375"
        "gui-y": "-94.2642593383789"
      charm: "cs:trusty/mysql-1"
      num_units: 1
      constraints: tags=physical
        "dataset-size": "20%"
        "gui-x": "364.4567565917969"
        "gui-y": "1067.5167846679688"
      charm: "cs:trusty/mongodb-0"
      num_units: 1
      constraints: tags=physical
        "gui-x": "-70.0399979352951"
        "gui-y": "1282.8224487304688"
      charm: "cs:trusty/ceilometer-0"
      num_units: 1
      to: mongodb
        "gui-x": "-78.13333225250244"
        "gui-y": "919.3128051757812"
      charm: "cs:trusty/ceilometer-agent-0"
      num_units: 0
        "gui-x": "-90.9158582687378"
        "gui-y": "562.5347595214844"
      charm: "cs:trusty/heat-0"
      num_units: 1
      to: mongodb
        "gui-x": "494.94012451171875"
        "gui-y": "1363.6024169921875"
      charm: "cs:trusty/ntp-4"
      num_units: 0
        "gui-x": "-104.57728099822998"
        "gui-y": "294.6641273498535"
    - - "keystone:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "nova-cloud-controller:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "nova-cloud-controller:amqp"
      - "rabbitmq:amqp"
    - - "nova-cloud-controller:image-service"
      - "glance:image-service"
    - - "nova-cloud-controller:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "glance:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "glance:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "cinder:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "cinder:amqp"
      - "rabbitmq:amqp"
    - - "cinder:cinder-volume-service"
      - "nova-cloud-controller:cinder-volume-service"
    - - "cinder:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "neutron-gateway:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "neutron-gateway:amqp"
      - "rabbitmq:amqp"
    - - "neutron-gateway:quantum-network-service"
      - "nova-cloud-controller:quantum-network-service"
    - - "openstack-dashboard:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "nova-compute:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "nova-compute:amqp"
      - "rabbitmq:amqp"
    - - "nova-compute:image-service"
      - "glance:image-service"
    - - "nova-compute:cloud-compute"
      - "nova-cloud-controller:cloud-compute"
    - - "cinder:storage-backend"
      - "cinder-ceph:storage-backend"
    - - "ceph:client"
      - "cinder-ceph:ceph"
    - - "ceph:client"
      - "nova-compute:ceph"
    - - "ceph:client"
      - "glance:ceph"
    - - "ceilometer:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "ceilometer:amqp"
      - "rabbitmq:amqp"
    - - "ceilometer:shared-db"
      - "mongodb:database"
    - - "ceilometer-agent:container"
      - "nova-compute:juju-info"
    - - "ceilometer-agent:ceilometer-service"
      - "ceilometer:ceilometer-service"
    - - "heat:shared-db"
      - "mysql:shared-db"
    - - "heat:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "heat:amqp"
      - "rabbitmq:amqp"
    - - "ceph-radosgw:mon"
      - "ceph:radosgw"
    - - "ceph-radosgw:identity-service"
      - "keystone:identity-service"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "neutron-gateway:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "ceph:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "keystone:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "nova-compute:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "nova-cloud-controller:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "rabbitmq:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "glance:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "cinder:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "ceph-radosgw:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "openstack-dashboard:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "mysql:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "mongodb:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "ceilometer:juju-info"
    - - "ntp:juju-info"
      - "heat:juju-info"
  series: trusty


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dream a little dream (in a dream within another dream) with me!

What would you say if I told you, that you could continuously upload your own Software-as-a-Service  (SaaS) web apps into an open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework, running on top of an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud, deployed on an open source Metal-as-a-Service provisioning system, autonomically managed by an open source Orchestration-Service… right now, today?

“An idea is resilient. Highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate.”

“Now, before you bother telling me it's impossible…”

“No, it's perfectly possible. It's just bloody difficult.” 

Perhaps something like this...

“How could I ever acquire enough detail to make them think this is reality?”

“Don’t you want to take a leap of faith???”
Sure, let's take a look!

Okay, this looks kinda neat, what is it?

This is an open source Java Spring web application, called Spring-Music, deployed as an app, running inside of Linux containers in CloudFoundry

Cloud Foundry?

CloudFoundry is an open source Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) cloud, deployed into Linux virtual machine instances in OpenStack, by Juju.



OpenStack is an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) cloud, deployed by Juju and Landscape on top of MAAS.

Juju is an open source Orchestration System that deploys and scales complex services across many public clouds, private clouds, and bare metal servers.



Landscape is a systems management tool that automates software installation, updates, and maintenance in both physical and virtual machines. Oh, and it too is deployed by Juju.

MAAS is an open source bare metal provisioning system, providing a cloud-like API to physical servers. Juju can deploy services to MAAS, as well as public and private clouds.

"Ready for the kick?"

If you recall these concepts of nesting cloud technologies...

These are real technologies, which exist today!

These are Software-as-a-Service  (SaaS) web apps served by an open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework, running on top of an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud, deployed on an open source Metal-as-a-Service provisioning system, managed by an open source Orchestration-Service.

Spring Music, served by CloudFoundry, running on top of OpenStack, deployed on MAAS, managed by Juju and Landscape!

“The smallest seed of an idea can grow…”

Oh, and I won't leave you're not dreaming!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OpenStack Austin Meetup, with an Orange Box and Home Brew Beer!

In case you missed the recent Cloud Austin MeetUp, you have another chance to see the Ubuntu Orange Box live and in action here in Austin!

This time, we're at the OpenStack Austin MeetUp, next Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at 6:30pm at Tech Ranch Austin, 9111 Jollyville Rd #100, Austin, TX!

If you join us, you'll witness all of OpenStack Ice House, deployed in minutes to real hardware. Not an all-in-one DevStack; not a minimum viable set of components.  Real, rich, production-quality OpenStack!  Ceilometer, Ceph, Cinder, Glance, Heat, Horizon, Keystone, MongoDB, MySQL, Nova, NTP, Quantum, and RabbitMQ -- intelligently orchestrated and rapidly scaled across 10 physical servers sitting right up front on the podium.  Of course, we'll go under the hood and look at how all of this comes together on the fabulous Ubuntu Orange Box.

And like any good open source software developer, I generally like to make things myself, and share them with others.  In that spirit, I'll also bring a couple of growlers of my own home brewed beer, Ubrewtu ;-)  Free as in beer, of course!