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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forget the Mouse, Love Your Keyboard

When you find yourself inexorably drawn northeast, try these (in Gnome)...
  • Alt-F10 maximizes the current window
  • Alt-F9 minimizes the current window
  • Alt-F4 closes the current window
  • Alt-Tab switches between windows (forward)
  • Alt-Shift-Tab switches between windows (backward)
Forget the mouse. Love your keyboard!



  1. THIS is a GREAT post. I usually use ALT-SPACE then maXimise or miNimize and love the keyboard. I love it when the web has such. For those that use firefox (I'm on Chrome mostly now) there is an extension called mouseless browsing which is nice, as it assigns key functions to fields, links and such. Also though the vimerator or something similar allows you to use VIM keyboard style actions in Firefox.

    Kind Regards

  2. You should have add than :
    Alt-left mouse clic move the window
    — Alt-right mouse clic pop up the window menu
    — Alt-center mouse clic resize the window

    Forget the titlebar and window corners !

  3. Actually it takes Alt-Control-Tab to cycle backwards, which in all honesty drives me completely mental. I assume there's a way to change it but thankfully I don't have to use it enough to really annoy me...

    I think Alt-Ctrl-Tab is default as that's the way it is on the laptop I set up explicitly for playing with Lucid which just went 9.04->9.10->10.04 alpha 2 with no tweaks or customisations along the way.

  4. Ah it takes some getting used to but its ok after a while. Ive been using the new layout for a few days now and im climatised now.

  5. Alt-F10!
    I was always looking for it. Thanks for the tip!

  6. ALT Space also brings up the window menu. I'm accustomed to these:
    ALT Space n - Minimize
    ALT Space x - Minimize
    ALT Space t - Always on Top

  7. If you really love your keyboard it's probably better to use Xmonad, Awesome or some other tiling WM. And as mentioned before adding Vimperator to the mix put the mouse to final rest.

  8. Or just revert the change to the northwest.


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