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Monday, March 1, 2010

Server Bug Zapping: KVM Day 1

Server Bug Zapping, Day 1, Week 1: KVM Triage .... Done!


At the start of the day today, there were 48 open bugs against qemu-kvm in Ubuntu. And as of this post, there are now 31 open bugs.

I performed 2 qemu-kvm uploads today, fixing a configuration regression with alsa/pulseaudio and a broken manpage symlink (really low hanging fruit).

Most of the 17 bugs closed were bugs that we could confirm as fix-released, which is a huge compliment to the the upstream QEMU and KVM communities.

There are now 7 bugs in the triaged state, which means that we at least know exactly what needs to be done to solve the problem. If you think you can fix any of those triaged bugs in the next 24 hours, please assign the bug to yourself and come talk to us in #ubuntu-server. We'd love to have your contribution!

But even if you're not ready to start hacking on the qemu-kvm source code, you can still help. There are now 11 bugs in the incomplete state, and . Almost all of these need someone to try and reproduce the issue with the latest Lucid qemu-kvm 0.12.3 package. If you can lend a hand there and help confirm that these bugs are either fixed or still broken in Lucid, that would be very helpful too!

Finally, a big thanks to today's most active Bug Zappers: Torsten Spindler and Andres Rodriguez!


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