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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ubuntu's New Themes and Byobu

Jono Bacon, Alan Pope, and many others have blogged about the new Ubuntu Light and Dark themes.

I must say, I'm pretty excited. I think they look great! What a great time for a refresh of the Ubuntu Brand. I really like the orange and purple, and the black and gray look great.

You can easily configure Byobu to align with the new themes too! Just edit your ~/.byobu/color file, and set MONOCHROME=1, and then press F5 to reload.

Note: The theme is still very much still under development, and I'm not an artist on Canonical's excellent Design teams, so no guarantee from me that the desktop portion of these screenshots will look anything like the final Lucid desktop. These shots are meant to show that Byobu can be configured to work well with the new Ubuntu themes.