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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Byobu - Preseeding Auto-launch

Do you always enable Byobu to auto-launch when you login to your Ubuntu servers?

If so, we have a neat new feature for you... Lucid's Byobu has a debconf question that will allow you to globally enable Byobu's auto-launch for all interactive accounts on the system. It's currently disabled by default. To toggle the value, just use:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure byobu
Each user, though, will still be able to override the global value with their own choice, to auto-launch or not to auto-launch. Users can overide this by either using the F9 Menu, or by touching ~/.byobu/disable-autolaunch.

Also, if you like to use preseed files and automate the installation of your Ubuntu machines, you can preseed this value like so:
d-i pkgsel/include string byobu
byobu byobu/launch-by-default boolean true
There are a couple of minor caveats... Enabling this feature will install a symbolic link to your /etc/profile.d directory. For this to work properly, your shell must support /etc/profile.d and the link must be the last file sourced by your shell.
/etc/profile.d/ -> /usr/bin/byobu-launch*