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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ubuntu Quick Installation Preseed Link Updated!

priority=critical locale=en_US url=

I've maintained for some time now a preseed file (previously called "uquick") that you can use with your Ubuntu Server and Alternate ISO boot options, to quickly and automatically install an Ubuntu server.

That url (, has been broken for a month or so since I've left Canonical and all my* pages have been purged.

I've actually set up a new link at  This is hosted on a Google Sites page that I own, so I'll be able to maintain it there permanently.  Note that the source is actually under bzr revision control under lp:bikeshed here.

So now, you can boot an Ubuntu Server ISO, press F6 for Other Options, and append the following::

local=en_US priority=critical url=



  1. This breaking of useful short URLs doesn't reflect well on Canonical, IMHO. Have you asked anyone there to add a backwards-compatibility redirect to the new location?

  2. Small typo in the example at the end: "local" -> "locale" (I think NoScript blocked the OpenID sign in).

  3. The link didn't work for me, I was just trying to use it to install a vmware ubuntu instance, it always breaks with error to retrieve the file.There seems to be 2 issues,
    1.Apparently the wget command in Ubuntu 11.10 installer doesn't understand https
    2.the url redirects to "Download Attachment" page

    , placing the file in a dropbox public share worked (redirected using

  4. i second Hyt.'s comment. the link is broken and i made my own following his instructions.

  5. Hey Dustin, the link is broken. Google is serving a "download file" page, not directly pushing the file.

    Anyway, here's a shortlink that seems to work for now


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