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Friday, January 6, 2012

Gazzang officially an AWS Solution Provider!

Gazzang is now an officially Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Provider!  I'm quite excited about this, as our information security and data encryption products are such a great match for the cloud, where you don't actually have physical control over where and how your data gets written to disk.  Encryption is absolutely essential here.

Seriously...if you or your organization is using AWS and storing sensitive data of any kind in a MySQL or PostgreSQL (especially on the rockin' Ubuntu Server), you should really take a close look at Gazzang's ezNcrypt for Databases.  I've recently showed how its possible, though complex, to use eCryptfs and setup Encrypted Home Directories on EC2.  But if you're looking for something completely seamless, and turn-key for transparently encrypting all or some of your databases, ezNcrypt is just that.


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