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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Harvey" the Honey Badger

The feedback on eCryptfs' new mascot and logo has been just awesome :-)  At the bottom of the last post, we opened a call for name suggestions.

As it turns out, my mom reads my blog from time to time, and with that post, she saw an exercise and opportunity for one of her high school classes.  She tasked them with researching eCryptfs and the reasoning behind the new logo.  As an extra credit assignment, they were invited to propose names for our tenacious new mascot.  These are so much fun, we'll share all of them with you now!

Leading by example, Mrs. Kirkland (aka, my Mom) writes:
I think you should call him...Honey, but play on the "e" ... and the quotes actually look like claws.   Hon"e"y.  The "e" fits perfectly in the hand.  Plus, when he is standing, he really forms an H.  I am no artist but I am sure you can see the H in its body.   I know you are just looking for a name... but I wanted to show you why I thought the name fit. 
Thanks, Mom!  The quotes around the "e" do look like claws, and it does refer back to the "e" in eCryptfs.

One of her students, Christopher Bordelon suggests:
I think the name Henry would be the perfect name for the honey badger. The name Henry refers to the noble politician Henry Clay. Henry led a defensive army when it came to the war of 1812. By naming the honey badger Henry it will set the tone of the project to have a well strengthened background. By being a member of the war hawks, Henry was always ready for a battle. He knew he would not be able to be defeated. I feel this is a great name for the honey badger because Henry Clay is a well known political leader in United States history. When people hear this name they will be drawn to it because of the historical accomplishments of Henry Clay. Henry was also known for living a very long time. By Henry living a long time this means that the project will be around for a long time too. He outlived the majority of his fellow leaders. By using his historical context the project will have a face that will never be forgotten. The project will have a mascot with a defensive output that will make customers want to bring their services there.
Thanks, Christopher.  We just loved the historical references!

Another of her students, Kristin Seneca, had a different idea:
I really appreciate the new logo; it is a major upgrade to the last. It has more vibrant colors and an all around better design. It isn’t as plain or boring as the key overlapping the pie chart. With a great logo, the project should want a great name to go along with it. This is why Boris the Badger would be a perfect name for your project's new honey badger logo. Boris the Badger would be a great name for eCryptfs' new honey badger logo. This name has significance to the honey badger. A honey badger is fierce and strong, much like what the name means. According to, the name Boris means a battle or fighter. It was derived from the name Bogoris, meaning small. Since the honey badger is one of the smallest and fiercest warrior animals around, I believe that this name definitely suits the eCryptfs honey badger logo. He certainly looks fierce! eCryptfs is a great project and should have a really awesome name to go along with their new logo. Boris the Badger would be the best name for the honey badger because it represents the idea of a warrior or fierce battle. The honey badger is a ferocious warrior animal and will go to great lengths to defend itself, much like the project will go to great lengths to protect files and software.
But our unanimous favorite here at the Gazzang offices was from Mrs. Kirkland's student Blane Palazzo, who wrote:
Reviewing possible names for the new honey badger design, I've decided that "Harvey, the Honey Badger" sounds the best. Not only is this name appropriate because of its beginning with an "H," but the name "Harvey" also means, "battle worthy." When determining which names would be possible for the new logo's design, I kept in mind that defense was a major part of choosing the "fitting" name. Having a defensive name, while at the same time establishing trust, was very important. Not only does the name "Harvey" build trust, it also has a background that allows for an understanding that he "means business." Like a true honey badger, he "takes what's his!"  Paul Harvey is famously known for his “Rest of the Story” segment, which was watched by millions until his death at the age of 90. The name Harvey can be related to many things, including the stamina held by Paul Harvey Himself, and the impact of his life felt by millions of Americans. This “Harvey” could be looked to for the “rest of the story” when it comes to protecting software and programs being used. The finality of such a name could be applied to the logo of a project that protects and defends.  eCryptfs is software that thrives on protection, and as mentioned in the blog, is a “vibrant and open-sourced” project. Having a fitting name is appropriate when it comes to any new idea or project. In order to be remembered as a project that strives for excellence, the logo has to be focused on and perfected. The name “Harvey” is a name that is not easily forgotten, and provides a significant enough meaning to the new logo.
Well done, Blane.  We, here at the Gazzang offices, absolutely love it!  And so, I'm pleased to introduce Harvey, the Honey Badger!


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  1. Dustin, I apologize in advance if this is not the place for this question. but i could not find a direct or private link to contact you.

    I was interested in getting permission to use your Harvey the Honey Badger logo on my van in a Bike race next month.
    I am competing in the Furnace Creek 508 next month and my Totem is "mellivora" - scientific name for honey badger. They use Totems instead of race numbers.
    I do not plan on profiting from your logo and do not mind giving credit to your company for the Logo on the signs. I plan on using a local Sir Speedy printer for the work and just wanted to save a little trouble by using your logo ( i really like it).
    If this is possible with your permission. please let me know and what i need to do to get what img info to the printers. thank you.

    Mel Morris
    806 236-4640


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