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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Working on Free Software while Traveling the World

Earlier this week, I passed my 3rd anniversary working for Canonical full time on Ubuntu!

I've tried to track the fun and interesting places to which I've traveled on behalf of Canonical or Ubuntu in a (nearly) yearly blog post here and here.  Actually, my sister asked me to Skype with her junior high classes this week to talk a little bit about the places I've traveled for work.

I spent a few minutes looking for those two posts and decided to organize the lists a little better for my own future reference...

  • Boston, Massachusetts in February for my first Canonical sprint
  • Austin, Texas in April for the Linux Collaboration Summit
  • Prague, Czech Republic in May for UDS Intrepid
  • Boston, Massachusetts (again) in July for another sprint
  • London, United Kingdom in August for a sprint
  • Montreal, Canada in September to sprint on Landscape
  • Paris, France in November for a little pre-UDS planning
  • Mountain View, California in December for UDS Jaunty
  • Berlin, Germany in February for the Jaunty Distro Sprint
  • San Francisco, California in April for Linux Filesystems and Collaboration Summit
  • Barcelona, Spain in May for UDS Karmic
  • Santa Barbara, California in July for a Eucalyptus Sprint
  • Dublin, Ireland in August for the Karmic Distro Sprint
  • Portland, Oregon in September for LinuxCon
  • Dallas, Texas in November for UDS Lucid
  • Portland, Oregon in December (again) to meet with a customer
  • Wellington, New Zealand for LCA 2010
  • Portland, Oregon in February for the Lucid Distro Sprint
  • Santa Barbara, California in March for a Eucalyptus Sprint
  • Austin, Texas in April for the Texas Linux Fest
  • Brussels, Belgium in May for UDS Maverick
  • Austin, Texas in June for the OpenStack Design Summit (Austin)
  • Prague, Czech Republic in July for the Maverick Distro Rally
  • Boston, Massachusetts in August for LinuxCon
  • Taipei, Taiwan in September for Canonical OEM Summit
  • Portland, Oregon in September for a customer meeting
  • Orlando, Florida in October for UDS Natty
  • San Antonio, Texas in November for the OpenStack Design Summit (Bexar)
  • Santa Clara, California in January for O'Reilly Strata
  • Los Angeles, California in February for SCALE9x
  • Cape Town, South Africa for a Canonical Sprint
  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a Canonical Sprint
  • Budapest, Hungary for UDS-Oneiric (then Croatia for vacation)
  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • ...
2011 is shaping up to be another busy year ;-)


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