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Thursday, February 17, 2011

mcollective now in Ubuntu

The Marionette Collective

I thought some Ubuntu Server users and Linux system administrators out there might be interested in the fact that mcollective (from Puppet Labs) is now packaged and in the Ubuntu Natty (11.04) archive.

The Marionette Collective (mcollective) is a framework for server orchestration and parallel job execution.  Have you ever needed to run the same command on thousands of systems?  mcollective is a very flexible, powerful way of doing just that (and much more).

If you run into issues, you can file bugs here.  Otherwise, the good people from Puppet Labs have some excellent documentation and demos.

Finally, if perhaps you'd like to get involved in Ubuntu or upstream development, mcollective is in need of a few basic manpages: mcollectived, mc-call-agent, mc-controller, mc-facts, mc-find-hosts, mc-inventory, mc-ping, mc-rpc.

If you're interested, I can help get you started!  Please ping kirkland on


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