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Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on errno, ssh-import-id, and bikeshed

If you read my post from earlier today about run-one, you might notice that I used a new source and binary package to publish the run-one utility.  This is a new practice that I'm going to use for stand-alone tools like this.


It's worth mentioning that the errno utility has also moved out of ubuntu-dev-tools, at the strong request of the maintainer of ubuntu-dev-tools.  I tried (in vain) to get errno into various other packages and upstream projects, and failed in all cases.  As of Natty, you can:

 apt-get install errno

For older releases:

 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:errno/ppa
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install errno

As a reminder, you can use errno in these ways:

 $ errno font
 EBFONT          59      /* Bad font file format */
 $ errno 36
 ENAMETOOLONG    36      /* File name too long */
 $ errno EPERM
 EPERM            1      /* Operation not permitted */

You can find the sources with:

 bzr branch lp:errno

And the launchpad project is at


Similarly, the maintainer of the openssh package in Ubuntu urged the removal of the ssh-import-id utility.  Once again, I offered the tool to the upstream openssh project, to no avail.  So ssh-import-id now lives in its own source and binary packages.  As of Natty, you can:

 apt-get install ssh-import-id

For older releases:

 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ssh-import-id/ppa
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install ssh-import-id

As a reminder, you can use ssh-import-id in this way:

  $ ssh-import-id kirkland smoser
 INFO: Successfully authorized [kirkland]
 INFO: Successfully authorized [smoser]

You can find sources with:

 bzr branch lp:ssh-import-id

And the launchpad project is at

"So why didn't you just use bikeshed?"  Great question!  When I showed run-one to one of my colleagues, he said, "Neat, I'd use that, where can I get it?"  And I pointed him to install bikeshed, to which he responded, "Oh, well, I just want run-one, but not all the other cruft you put into bikeshed."  :-)

I tried not to be offended, but in the end, he was right.  I thought about splitting bikeshed into a series of bikeshed-$FOO binary packages.  This wasn't ideal, though, in my opinion, from the perspective of developing code or handling bugs/questions.

Thus, I've decided to create a new Launchpad project and team, and Ubuntu package for each of these stand-alone utilities.

I'll continue to use bikeshed to incubate new tools, and as soon as they're ready to stand alone, then I'll split them out to their own branch/project/team/package.



  1. Tenacity, thy name is :-Dustin.

  2. hey dustin, i often follow your ubuntu projects (byobu,testdrive) and i'd like to say that i like bikeshed a lot cause it is a central point of usefull scripts. so my idea is that if you split those onto different packages maybe the bikeshed project can become a meta-package to install them all. what do you think?

    Anyway, keep up the good work ;)

  3. Good idea, gourgi, I can do that ;-) Thanks!

  4. Surely ssh-import-id would be in-scope for ubuntu-dev-tools?

  5. Andrew,

    I'd love to think so. However, my experiences with the maintainer of ubuntu-dev-tools have not been positive so far, so I'm avoiding it for now.



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