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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures from the Jaunty Release Party at the Jackalope in Austin, Texas

Until I hear any different, I'm going to go ahead and claim that the Ubuntu Jaunty Release Party in Austin, Texas was the only release party held in a pub named for the 9.04 namesake ... The Jackalope.

Note that I already have my eyes set on another bar in Austin for our next release party ... a little place called Karma!

Cheers to the ~30 people who joined us for a few beers and some demonstrations on Friday!

Also, thanks to Mario Limonciello for shooting a couple of pictures! Enjoy...


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  1. Hey Dustin - looks like you had a well deserved good time at the release party. I must get myself some of those T-Shirts. I have bought a baby grow for my 6 month old from the Ubuntu merchandise though!!



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