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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Running Ubuntu, literally

I ran the Race for the Roses Half Marathon in Portland, Oregon with Leann Ogasawara on Sunday, April 5, 2009 in an Ubuntu Jaunty t-shirt -- my way of promoting what's shaping up to be a fantastic release ;-)

It was a great day for a run. Perfect sunny spring weather, for a good cause, and Portland is quite a beautiful city.

I've proposed that the Canonical Ubuntu Store offer a technical t-shirt for runners and cyclist with a pithy logo, perhaps something like this:

If you like this idea or have other suggestions, please leave a note in the feedback form at the Canonical Store!



  1. Cool!
    I'd be for picking up a tech-t like that.

    How'd ya guys do?

    I ran my first half marathon this weekend too! It was down in Austin, Zooma.

  2. I'd buy one. How about "sweating over Ubuntu" on the back for contributers?

  3. We both finished in 2:01:33.

    Leann says that she didn't slow down for me, but I don't believe her :-) I bet she could have kicked my butt!

    It's a far cry from my personal best half marathon (1:47:37 in Austin, 2004), but at that time, I was in marathon-shape. I think I ran about 4 times in the previous 2 months before the Portland race ;-)


  4. Hey, how's this?

    (.svgz for editable version)

  5. Hi: Just one question. Where can I get that t-shirt? Is it for developers only or not?

    I like it because it looks like a replica of team jersey.


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