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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Building an eCryptfs Community

Most of my eCryptfs posts have been dedicated to my work on Ubuntu's Encrypted Home and Encrypted Private Directories. I'm incredibly proud that we are helping Ubuntu users enjoy confidence in the security of their personal data without requiring sophisticated expertise in cryptographic filesystems and system adminstration.

This post, however, is intended to highlight what I hope is a burgeoning development community around the upstream eCryptfs project.

Minutes ago, I released ecryptfs-utils-75. I believe that this is a landmark release based on the number of contributions from people other than the maintainers, Tyler Hicks (IBM) and myself (Canonical).

Have a look at the changelog, and you should see contributions from:
  • Michal Hlavinka (Red Hat)
  • Daniel Baumann (Debian)
  • Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
  • Frédéric Guihéry
  • Adrian C. (anrxc)
Thank you!

If you have an interest in eCryptfs and a proficiency in C programming, please have a look at our open bugs. We are quite interested in growing our community of developers. You can join us in IRC at #ecryptfs on, and you can grab the source code with:
  • bzr branch lp:ecryptfs

p.s. Several years ago, I was criticized on a mailing list for submitting a "drive-by patch" (some maintainers evidently do not like this model). It scared me away from making minor contributions to projects I was otherwise unaffiliated with for some time. So, for the record, if your code is good, I don't mind "drive-by patches" ;-)

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