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Monday, January 16, 2012

Automatically Swapping Launchpad and Bazaar Identities

I've been a member since 2006-10-11, when I first created an account to add some debugging information and submit a patch to a bug affecting the xserver on iMac G3s and the Ubuntu 6.06 PowerPC LiveCD, which my wife, Kim, used in her 4th grade classroom.  Wow, those were the days!  I see that that bug is still open :-)  I can't imagine that hardware is even functional it?

I was thoroughly impressed with the shear elegance, look, feel, and usability of  I was a long time user of and Bugzilla, and had brushed by at least a dozen other bug trackers.  No other bug tracker or source code system could hold a candle to Launchpad, in my opinion.

In my ~4 years at Canonical, and Bazaar became the cornerstone and foundation of my day to day development and productivity.  I was absolutely thrilled when Launchpad was open sourced (to relatively little fanfare, sadly).

I've filed and fixed a few minor issues, and worked around some others, and leveraged Launchpad for tools of my own (like ssh-import-id).  And today, I still think and Bazaar are the best combination of bug tracking, source code management, binary package builders, team building, blueprint tracking out there!

I continue to use Launchpad and Bazaar to manage more than two dozen open source projects.  And now, we're also using commercial Launchpad here at Gazzang now, actively committing to both public and private projects every day.

This introduced a new challenge, for me, though.  I want to make ensure that my commits to Bazaar when I'm "at the office" and working on Gazzang projects are correctly credited to my work email address and identity, and otherwise, they're credited to my personal email address.

This email address is stored in ~/.bazaar/bazzar.conf.  For me, the logic is pretty easy...  I generally work from the office where we have a (mostly) static IP address.  I simply run a cronjob every five minutes that checks my external IP address, and updates ~/.bazaar/bazzar.conf accordingly.  Your logic might differ (perhaps time of day, etc.).  Does anyone know how I might perhaps hook bzr to check the project's name at commit time?  Also, any ideas about how to update $DEBEMAIL in a similar manner?  It's an environment variable, so it's pretty hard/impossible to update that in all of my shells and byobu sessions/windows/splits, and the Debian maintainer rejected a few requests to support $DEBEMAIL in ~/.devscripts.  Other ideas?

My script currently looks something like this:

# $HOME/bin/update-email

current_ip=$(wget -q -O- 2>/dev/null)

if [ "$current_ip" = "$work_ip" ]; then
        sed -i -e "s/<.*>/<$work_email>/g" $HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf
        sed -i -e "s/<.*>/<$home_email>/g" $HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf

And it runs in this cronjob:
*/5 * * * *  run-one $HOME/bin/update-email

Suggestions for improvement?  Leave a note!