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Sunday, February 27, 2011

So long, Netflix!

Dear Netflix,

Frankly, I am tired of being treated as a second class citizen with respect to your watch-instantly technology.

Your inability to deliver a streaming client that is compatible with Ubuntu and Linux web browsers (such as Firefox or Chromium) is costing you this long-time customer.

Your choice of Microsoft Silverlight as the delivery platform for video streaming was ill-advised and very unfortunate.  In today's world of HTML5 and Flash, it's just downright sad to use such an incompatible, exclusionary format (hint: the root of the problem is in Microsoft's Playready DRM which is explicitly not Linux-compatible).  I have patiently waited and hoped and communicated such frustrations in comments on your blog.

I was relieved earlier this week to see that the Amazon Prime video streaming service supports Ubuntu's web browsers quite well, in fact!  I am inconsolably frustrated that you have been unable to do the same over the last 3 years, and I'm afraid that you've just been lapped by the competition.

So as of today, my household is no longer an active Netflix account.  I suggest that you make an effort to be a little less discriminatory against your customers' choices of operating systems and web browsers in the future.

So long,
Dustin Kirkland