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Friday, February 15, 2013

ssh-import-id now supports -r|--remove keys

As a brief followup to my recent post about ssh-import-id now supporting Github in addition to Launchpad, I should also mention that I've also added a new feature for removing keys that were previously imported.

Here's an example, importing kirkland's public keys from Launchpad.

kirkland@x220:~$ ssh-import-id lp:kirkland
2013-02-15 14:53:46,092 INFO Authorized key ['4096', 'd3:dd:e4:72:25:18:f3:ea:93:10:1a:5b:9f:bc:ef:5e', 'kirkland@x220', '(RSA)']
2013-02-15 14:53:46,101 INFO Authorized key ['2048', '69:57:f9:b6:11:73:48:ae:11:10:b5:18:26:7c:15:9d', 'kirkland@mac', '(RSA)']
2013-02-15 14:53:46,102 INFO Authorized [2] SSH keys

And now let's remove those keys...

kirkland@x220:~$ ssh-import-id -r lp:kirkland
2013-02-15 14:53:49,528 INFO Removed labeled key ['4096', 'd3:dd:e4:72:25:18:f3:ea:93:10:1a:5b:9f:bc:ef:5e', 'kirkland@x220', '(RSA)']
2013-02-15 14:53:49,532 INFO Removed labeled key ['2048', '69:57:f9:b6:11:73:48:ae:11:10:b5:18:26:7c:15:9d', 'kirkland@mac', '(RSA)']
2013-02-15 14:53:49,532 INFO Removed [2] SSH keys


So the way this works is that ssh-import-id now adds a comment to the end of each line it adds to your ~/.authorized_keys file, "tagging" the keys that it adds.  When removing keys, it simply looks for keys tagged accordingly.



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