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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Linux: Won't you be our Valentine?

It will be a lovely week next week!

Valentines Day is next Thursday, February 14th, of course.  Make sure you have chocolate and beautiful flowers for your sweetheart.  And remember, that nothing says, "Was just thinking of you" like finding something cute on Pinterest and pinning it on their wall.  (I need to go figure out how to do that, actually).  And, for extra bonus points, call Mom too!  She'll just love that you thought of her, too, on V-day ;-)

Near and dear to my heart, I'm personally excited that Gazzang will be introduced as one of the newest card-carrying members of the Linux Foundation!  I've been an individual member of the Foundation for years, and have attended nearly a dozen LF events.  We're extremely, extremely proud to add Gazzang to its very impressive list of active corporate members.  What excellent company!  I feel that we at Gazzang are differentiating ourselves from our competitors with comprehensive offerings around big data security, enterprise class encryption, and innovative key management -- all built exclusively in and on top of Linux.

And in celebration of all this love, Gazzang's fabulous marketing department has created a special Valentine's Day card for Linux, speaking on behalf of enterprises and big businesses far and wide that are just head over heels in love with the Penguin :-)  Enjoy!


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