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Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's celebrate the 100th release of eCryptfs utils!

Howdy all!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 7 years since many of you helped conceive, design, implement, develop extend, test, document eCryptfs back in the IBM Linux Technology Center's Security team, with many more contributions following from Canonical, Red Hat, Intel, etc.

Over those 7 years, we have helped many of the rest of you reading this secure your private data.  Today, there are actually millions of eCryptfs users -- through Ubuntu (and other Linux distrosencrypted home directories, Google's ChromeOS, Synology and Seagate encrypted NAS devices, some Android phones, Gazzang's cloud and big data encryption products, among others.

With the 100th release of the user space eCryptfs utilities (ecryptfs-utils), we'd like to take the opportunity to invite any contributors or users of eCryptfs for a celebration!

Gazzang is providing drinks and snacks on its rooftop (and air-conditioned lobby) in downtown Austin, at 8th and Congress, with great views of the Texas state capitol and all of downtown.  Please join us at 804 Congress Avenue, Suite 400, from 5pm-8pm on Thursday, August 2, 2012.  This is the day before the Texas Linux Fest in San Antonio, so perhaps we might see a few out of town guests join us...  I happen to know at least one guest of honor who will be in from out of town for this event ;-)

Hopefully you'll join some of your colleagues around the Linux, open source, security, encryption, key management and data privacy space for an informal get together here in central Texas!

Dustin Kirkland
eCryptfs co-maintainer

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