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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Data Security and Key Management in the Cloud

Key management in cloud computing presents a brand new, unique, and distinct set of challenges which are in many cases disparate from the traditional set of key management problems system administrators have been dealing with for decades in physical data centers.  In fact, this very topic, in conjunction with data security and privacy, is the subject of two presentations I’m giving in the next 30 days at:

How are you managing your most sensitive information stored in the Cloud? Are you encrypting that data? Where are you storing your cryptographic keys and certificates? And who has access to them? If you have a stake in your organization's security, these questions may be keeping you up at night.

Cloud storage and Big Data present significant opportunities for enterprises, but those opportunities bring several huge challenges. In this session, we’ll explore:
  • What's not secure, not acceptable, not working --- but totally pervasive!
  • Where encryption makes the most sense around Cloud and Big Data applications
  • Key sprawl in the cloud
  • The strengths and weaknesses of various key management options
  • Easing the pain - Recent innovations for managing keys and company secrets
  • Real-world use cases – from web servers to encrypted file systems to big data to SSH to SSL
I hope you’ll join me for one or both of these talks!



  1. Dustin, as a security officer these are indeed the questions that I wrestle with. However I will not be able to attend your presentations. Is there another way for me to receive this information and your view on this subject (apart from your blog)?



  2. Hi Nico, I will publish my slides and such here on my blog. So follow that and you'll get the info ;-)



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