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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

key-mon, now in the Ubuntu Oneiric Archive


Several people have asked me about the super sweet on-screen keyboard in the bottom right corner of the Byobu video I presented at UDS...

Ted Gould introduced me to an awesome Google Code project called key-mon, by Scott Kirkwood.

He actually had Debian/Ubuntu packaging along with his source code, so I just reviewed, built it, and uploaded it to the Ubuntu Oneiric universe archive.

Once you've installed it, it's trivial to use...  You can run it directly from Applications -> Graphics -> KeyMon.  Or you can run key-mon from the command line, where there are numerous options, which are detailed in the manpage.

Big thanks to the developers of key-mon, for the useful tool!  I can this being very helpful for many Ubuntu screencasts, demonstrations, and classrooms.  Give it try ;-)



  1. While you're at it, could you include Screenkey [1] too? It's similar to key-mon and shares some code. It's shows input as a banner at the bottom of the screen. Take a look at the video [2].



  2. Thanks for the pointer, Christoph. I'll contact the author and offer to upload to Ubuntu!


  3. Hey Dustin, this would be really great! Thanks for your work!

  4. Christoph,

    It's now in the Oneiric archive.



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