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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Byobu Video from UDS-O Lightning Talks

I gave a "Lightning Talk" at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest yesterday.  Well, actually, it wasn't as much of talk as it was a screen cast :-)  The room was huge, with over 500 in attendance.  I heard that some people had trouble seeing the screen, and others just wanted to see the video again, so I'm posting it here...

Byobu4 released earlier this week, with some awesome new features, including a prompt for the behavior of ctrl-a the first time you press it, vastly improved scrollback with alt-pgup and alt-pgdn, a new utility called byobu-quiet that enables you to disable all distracting eye candy (and re-enable it with --undo), and a handful of other things.

One question I get a lot, though, is for a video that demonstrates some of the most common keypresses.  Ted Gould pointed me to the Google Code project called key-mon, which I've just uploaded to Ubuntu Oneiric as a new package.  And using key-mon, xvidcap, gnome-terminal, and an SSH connection to an Ubuntu 11.04 instance in EC2 (upgraded to byobu 4.0), I've created just such a screencast.  Enjoy ;-)

The backing track is Free, by Phish, from the Billy Breathes album, available for purchase here or in the Ubuntu One Music Store (sorry, I don't know how to hyperlink to the U1 Music Store).



  1. That was one of the best plenaries! And the new features are great!

  2. For what it's worth, my Chrome browser seems to think that it's an audio-only .ogg file. I had to open it in VLC Media Player to see the video portion.


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