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Friday, April 9, 2010

UEC Demo in Austin Tomorrow

I will be giving a preview demo of the 10.04 LTS release of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, tomorrow, Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 4pm in Austin at the Texas Linux Fest.

In my presentation, I will use:
  • One free Ubuntu Server ISO (10.04 Beta2 64-bit) burned to a USB stick
  • Two laptops, and
  • Twenty Minutes
And you will witness the ease of deploying an Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), Canonical's open source implementation of an Amazon EC2-compatible cloud that you can run locally, in your own data center and on your own hardware.

In this presentation, you will learn about the UEC, Eucalyptus, Cloud topologies, the installation process, registering nodes, running and terminating instances in the Cloud, and the UEC Image Store.
Bring a blank 1GB+ USB key and I'll even burn you a copy of the same ISO I use in my presentation (time permitting).
Cloud Computing is here, and Ubuntu is a phenomenal platform on which you can construct your private Cloud today. Since 2004, Ubuntu has revolutionized the Linux desktop. Attend this session and learn how Ubuntu is changing the landscape of the Linux server.



  1. Hey Dustin, sounds perfect! Just one little problem -- i'm on the other side of the earth. Any chance of web-casting, or even better, video-podcasting such a presentation in the future?

  2. When you say "Canonical's open source implementation of an Amazon EC2-compatible cloud"
    Don't you mean "Canonical is shipping Eucalyptus" - kind of seems like you're taking credit for others work here ...

  3. I'm enjoying your presentation (right now), congrats on getting laptop no. 3 to fullscreen :P (applause)


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