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Friday, April 2, 2010

Try *this* on your Smartphone!

In my previous post, I ranted about my Palm Pre eating some important pictures I had taken...

Well, I went looking for them in the Pre's flash memory, using photorec(1).

I simply plugged my Pre into my Ubuntu laptop, tapped the Pre's screen selecting USB Drive, and the Pre shows up as /dev/sdc.

Next I ran
sudo photorec

I worked my way through a few options, and scanned the entire 8GB disk, which took ~20 minutes.

I actually found my missing pictures!

Moreover, photorec recovered several megabytes of C, C++, Javascript, and Shell source code!

I'm not going to post it here, as it's not my copyright and I don't see an open source license, but if you're curious what's lingering around on your SmartPhone's backing disk, give photorec a try ;-)



  1. I used with satisfaction foremost, recovered my (aehm) honey moon (aehm) photos, which I lost formatting my HD. :P
    (practically, it saved my wedding :D )


  2. I have it readily waiting in the repos to be used on my N900...


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