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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

key-mon, now in the Ubuntu Oneiric Archive


Several people have asked me about the super sweet on-screen keyboard in the bottom right corner of the Byobu video I presented at UDS...

Ted Gould introduced me to an awesome Google Code project called key-mon, by Scott Kirkwood.

He actually had Debian/Ubuntu packaging along with his source code, so I just reviewed, built it, and uploaded it to the Ubuntu Oneiric universe archive.

Once you've installed it, it's trivial to use...  You can run it directly from Applications -> Graphics -> KeyMon.  Or you can run key-mon from the command line, where there are numerous options, which are detailed in the manpage.

Big thanks to the developers of key-mon, for the useful tool!  I can this being very helpful for many Ubuntu screencasts, demonstrations, and classrooms.  Give it try ;-)