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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing -- an Ubuntu Manpage URL Shortener!

Three years ago today, I kicked off the Ubuntu Manpage Repository project with an RFC to the Ubuntu-Doc mailing list.  Millions of roff-to-html renderings and page views later, I'm really, really proud of the Ubuntu Manpage Repository!  It's such a convenient way to read traditional UNIX manual documentation, which may or may not be present on your local system.

Today, I would like to introduce -- a URL shortener for Ubuntu manpages, for use in IRC, mail, wikis, microblogging, etc.  Inspired by Martin Pool's excellent shortener for Launchpad, I hope you find this useful too!

Save yourself a few keystrokes, and try  Perhaps you'd like to read about bash:, or maybe man, itself:, or maybe you're just asking yourself wtf,

Note that the logic to guess which manpage you're looking for won't get it right every time, but it's usually pretty darn close.  Moreover, improvements are always welcome at lp:ubuntu-manpage-repository ;-)