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Friday, April 8, 2016

Container MacCloud: Can there really only be one?

Dear Mr. Highlander aka Connor MacLeod,

Are you really sure there can only be one?  Because we're on an IBM LinuxOne right now, and there actually seems to be many, many more than one...

We're running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS here on this s390x z/VM guest and yeah, you might say "it's a kind of magic!"

In fact, we've had our own quickening, having launched thousands of Docker containers, and thousands more LXD machines, all talking to one another on this enormous mainframe.

We know you're immortal and all, born in 1518 on the shores of Loch Shiel, but I mean, even you would appreciate these machines have uptimes measured in decades, right?

And we also know that you have power beyond imagination, you feel everything and know everything, but we're fast learners too!  We're using our new Ubuntu on POWER8 with big data and applied machine learning, to try and make the world a smarter planet and a better place.

Moreover, we don't want to conceal our special gift -- we want to share it with everyone!  Ubuntu on IBM mainframes and POWER8 servers are available to all.

Anyway, we'll see one another at the Gathering, I'm sure.  I hope the prize is a brand new LinuxOne.  But I hope the Kurgan doesn't win it, as we would all hate to see mortal man suffer an eternity of darkness.  That would be a bummer.

Until then, perhaps you'll join us and learn more in this webinar!

And so now it ends...
Container MacCloud

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