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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Intercession -- Check out this book!
A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine (who now works for Canonical) bought a book recommended in a byline in Wired magazine.  The book was called Daemon, by Leinad Zeraus.  I devoured it in one sitting.  It was so...different, so...technically correct, so....exciting and forward looking.  Self-driving cars and autonomous drones, as weapons in the hands of an anonymous network of hackers.  Yikes.  A thriller, for sure, but a thinker as well.  I loved it!

I blogged about it here in September of 2008, and that blog was actually read by the author of Daemon, who reached out to thank me for the review.  He sent me a couple of copies of the book, which I gave away to readers of my blog, who solved a couple of crypto-riddles in a series of blog posts linking eCryptfs to some of the techniques and technology used in Daemon.

I can now count Daniel Suarez (the award winning author who originally published Daemon under a pseudonym) as one of my most famous and interesting friends, and I'm always excited to receive an early draft of each of his new books.  I've enjoyed each of Daemon, Freedom™, Kill Decision, and Influx, and gladly recommend them to anyone interested in cutting edge, thrilling fiction.

Knowing my interest in the genre, another friend of mine quietly shared that they were working on their very first novel.  They sent me an early draft, which I loaded on my Kindle and read in a couple of days while on a ski vacation in Utah in February.  While it took me a few chapters to stop thinking about it as-a-story-written-by-a-friend-of-mine, once I did, I was in for a real treat!  I ripped through it in 3 sittings over two snowy days, on a mountain ski resort in Park City, Utah.

The title is Intercession.  It's an adventure story -- a hero, a heroin, and a villain.  It's a story about time -- intriguingly non-linear and thoughtfully complex.  There's subtle, deliberate character development, and a couple of face-palming big reveals, constructed through flashbacks across time.

They have published it now, under a pseudonym, Nyneve Ransom, on -- a super cool self-publishing platform (I've spent hours browsing and reading stories there now!).  If you love sci-fi, adventure, time, heroes, and villains, I'm sure you'll enjoy Intercession!  You can read a couple of chapters for free right now ;-)

Happy reading!

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