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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Byobu's Ubuntu Color Scheme for Manpages and Grep

I've been trying to bring Ubuntu's beautiful color palette to the command line through Byobu, starting with the command prompt, by defining a new $PS1 value.

As of Byobu 5.63 (in Trusty now, or in the Byobu PPA for other Ubuntu releases), we now have an Ubuntu theme for less, the default interface for reading manpages at a command line, as well as grep.

Double bright mode is defined to a lighter shade of Ubuntu orange, standout mode is either background Ubuntu orange or italics (depending on your terminfo), and underline mode is a lighter shade of aubergine.

Grep highlights matches in an Ubuntu orange.  A special thanks to goes to Nick Moffit for that one, who is quite proudly not a Byobu user :-)

Here are some screenshots of Gnome Terminal with a few of the default color profiles.  Enjoy!


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