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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gazzang Presents: Sh*t IT Security Guys Say

We had a blast at the Gazzang offices last week shooting this fun video, Sh*t IT Security Guys Say.  What a great way to kick back and have a little fun on a Friday afternoon ;-)

We worked with Austin filmmaker Brandon Stephens who took some time away from work on his feature film, Enemy of the Mind, to hack on this little project.  Our CEO Larry Warnock (Mr. Backdoor) called the shots and our new Marketing Director, David Tishgart (Mr. Redbull) handled the script.  Also featured in the short: Ben First (Marketing, aka Mr. Ruby), Liz Britain (Marketing, aka Ms. Slashdot), Rob Balena (Sales, aka Mr. Millennium Falcon), Sergio Pena (Mr. $*&%!#), Eddie Garcia (Engineering, aka Mr. IT), and I guess I'm Mr. Wingdings ;-)

As many of my fellow hackers, I predictably cringe when I watch a movie or a tv show and the hapless IT characters attempt to interface with a computer or discuss technology.  The Matrix, The Net, Swordfish, whatever, it's all painful to hear.  And funny enough, our little video is no different, and this time I actually share the blame :-)  Most of our one-liners make no IT sense whatsoever.  And while some of the one-liners I proposed made perfect IT/Security sense, but they just didn't play well on the screen.

In any case, for my hacker/dev/IT peeps, here's my full list of one-liners I proposed for our project:

 - Right, RSA 4096 is definitely the way to go - Ubuntu or Fedora? - Did you read Bruce Schneier's post today? - Wow, check Slashdot! - Open a new terminal - Emacs or Vi? - Grab my public key - apt-get dist-upgrade - Sure, I encrypt my home directory - Hang on, I'm recompiling my kernel - PC Load letter????  The f*ck does that mean? - Yeah, I need to merge those changes - We're moving from MD5 to SHA512 hashes - Of course I've rooted my Android! - Chef or Puppet? - There's an XKCD about that :-) - Users, I swear...add it to the FAQ - Buffer overflow, uh oh... - Python or Perl?  Ruby!?! -- you gotta be kidding me :-( - You don't have to forward me that email.  I've already seen it.  You don't use email encryption :-) - Would you sign my public key? - Fire up an instance in EC2 - My kernel oops'd - TCP or UDP? - There's not enough entropy on this friggin machine! - You haven't rooted your phone? - No open access points?  I see 12 running WEP.  Give me a minute...  Okay, I'm in. - Where's your public key? - Drop that in a pastebin - Okay, I have it.  What's your fingerprint? - Java or C++? - What do you think of Unity? - OpenStack or Eucalyptus? - Check StackExchange - Shit, not another core dump...

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!


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