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Thursday, April 14, 2011

apply-patch $URL

Two updates about the slick new apply-patch tool in Ubuntu's bikeshed...

First, it now can take a URL as an argument, first retrieving the patch via wget, and then iterating over it and automatically detecting the patch level.

Second, I spent several hours hacking on the source to patch itself, trying to add support for the automatic strip level detection.  I haven't yet succeeded, though, as the iterative approach I use with --dry-run in my wrapper script unfortunately doesn't apply.  There's no reentrant function that I can use over and over again.  Dry-run is a global variable that's either on, or off for the length of the running of the program.  There's special behavior based on the boolean value of dry-run.  Anyway, I have filed a bug with the upstream patch project, showing them what I have, and asking if they have advice on if, and how it might be applied directly into the patch source.  Stay tuned...



  1. Heya Dustin, pretty sweet.

    Would be nifty if I could just give a git commit ID (and either the name of the package or list of possible packages) and have it figure out the patch for me.

  2. Hi Bryce,

    I'm not sure I understand the implementation vector... Would it google for the git commit hash, or something? Or check the current directory for a git branch? ie, how would it go about finding the relevant patch?


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