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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ubuntu Server Team Meeting Minutes from 2010-07-27

See for full log and programmatic interpretation of the moin markup. Cross-posted here because I'm required to do so. But seriously, give your eyes a break and go read them from the wiki instead :-)


Action Points Review with kirkland
  • hggdh to discuss the outcome of server-maverick-qa-workflow in ServerMeeting during the beta cycle
  • sommer/smoser in sync on cloud-init documentation, action DONE
  • [ACTION] SpamapS to work with mathiaz on a proposal, and send proposal to -devel on ruby gems in ubuntu

Maverick Developments with jiboumans
  • we are a bit behind on Alpha3; somewhat expected; only low priority specs affected so far

QA Q&A with hggdh
  • hggdh has filed a few (4) bugs against eucalyptus-2.0

Kernel Chit Chat with jjohansen
  • jjohansen has a pv-ops kernel in testing; apparmor fixes queued and should be uploaded; lucid high load average bug may not be an illusion

Doc Talk with sommer

SRU Fun with zul
  • 10.04.1 is coming up; need to know about SRU bugs ASAP

Bloody Papercuts with ttx
  • not in good shape; papercuts need to be fixed by end of the week to make Alpha3
  • [ACTION] entire team to fix your papercuts by end-of-the-week

Triage Backlog with ttx
  • regular triage work slipped last week; likely culprits: pilsner and absynthe; everyone to help out clearing the queue

Open Discussion
  • kim0 to deploy a web app that will let people show where in the world they are running an Ubuntu server
  • roaksoax says that we should have an HA cluster in Main for Maverick
  • [ACTION] SpamapS and ScottK to reivew Kolab php5 patches

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 14th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


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