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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost, Bagdad, and a Brain-dead Bouncer

Taking a break from the Ubuntu Distro Sprint here in Portland, Oregon, a few of us took a field trip tonight, to...

Lost, the Final Season premier episode -- awesome. This is going to be an entertaining finale to the best show on network television in 15+ years.

The Bagdad Theater, Portland, OR -- excellent. I'm a big fan of nice, old fashion theaters. In Austin we're blessed with a series of Alamo Drafthouse Theaters. The Bagdad, too, has big comfy chairs, good beers, and decent pizza. The crowd was really into Lost, too, which was a lot of fun.

The jerk-hole management at the Bagdad -- big pile of SUCK. After having waited in line outside in the drizzling rain for over an hour, these guys refused entry to my friend Nick, because he presented a French National ID. The dude is 40. His ID clearly showed his birthday in YYYY-MM-DD numeric format. However, the retarded automaton loser checking IDs at the door cited Oregon law that apparently says that he is required to refuse entry to any person bearing identification which he is not able to read. Are you effing kidding me? Nick is clearly of age, and his birthday was written in plainly readable digits. Come on, Oregon! You are a free thinking, progressive, open minded state. I mean, even in Texas, where some counties barely recognize present-day France as a nation, we would happily accept Nick and his French ID. WTF!?!

Disappointing, Bagdad Theater. Disappointing, McMenamins. Disappointing, Oregon. Get it together and learn to treat people fairly, and with dignity.

So anyone from a foreign country, bearing an ID that's not written in plain English, beware... You are not welcome at McMenamins establishments. You will likely be refused entry to McMenamins', so you may want to steer clear...


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  1. +1 on Lost.

    This first episode was very interesting. I was listening to a local sports show and they said that they were disappointed in the start of the final season. I guess this is why they do sports.


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