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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Byobu Featured in Linux Identity Magazine

I wrote an article on Byobu for the Ubuntu 9.10 issue of Linux Identity Magazine.

The article is in full color, with lots of screenshots. If you're interested in Byobu, or generally in Ubuntu 9.10, I suggest you pick up a copy! There are several other interesting articles, and also comes with Ubuntu 9.10 DVDs.

Linux Identity Starter; Ubuntu 9.10; issue: 4; pages: 52; DVDs attached: 2; price (US): $14.99, table of contents
  • DVD contents
  • 9.10 vs. 9.04
  • Installing Ubuntu 9.10
  • Your first steps after a fresh installation
  • Compiz, the Linux eye candy project
  • Ubuntu directory structure
  • Virtualization under Ubuntu
  • Security in Ubuntu
  • From carrier Pidgin to Telepathy
  • Setting up your first site with Drupal
  • Byobu – the Ubuntu Server Window Manager

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