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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ubuntu Virtualization Poll - Your Feedback Requested!

We're still a week away from releasing Ubuntu 9.10, which I'm sure will be a phenomenal server release, with huge strides in virtualization and cloud hosting. The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud should be the most complete open source cloud hosting solution in the industry.

But we're also beginning to prepare for the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas, Texas next month. At this summit, we will discuss our plans for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, which will release in April 2010 as Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This being an LTS release, UDS is incredibly important, as these decisions will affect the Ubuntu landscape for at least 5 years.

As your maintainer of Ubuntu's virtualization stack supported by Canonical, I'm pleased to invite you to provide feedback on virtualization in Ubuntu in this simple, brief, 6-question survey:

We are eager to hear your feedback on a few particular questions about KVM, QEMU, Virsh, Virt-Manager, Xen, VirtualBox, OpenVZ, VMWare, Parallels, Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, and other virtualization technologies.

Note: Nick Barcet will be conducting a much more comprehensive Ubuntu Server Survey in the near future. Stay tuned!


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