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Monday, October 13, 2008

IRC Bot for

I'm quite proud of the Ubuntu Manpage Repository, at

And I'm even more proud that other people are extending that work in new and interesting directions.

Specifically the good people over at ##club-ubuntu on have written an IRC bot that interfaces with using supybot. Thanks to henux for making me aware, and emma for giving me the tour ;-)

It accepts two simple commands, "@man" and "@manurl". Quite cool!
kirkland> @man supybot
ubnotu> kirkland: supybot - A robust and user friendly Python IRC bot // Synopsis: supybot [options] configFile // Description: Supybot is a robust, user-friendly, and programmer-friendly Python IRC bot. It aims to be an adequate replacement for most existing IRC bots.

kirkland> @manurl supybot
ubnotu> kirkland:
Cheers to the team doing this, thanks guys! \o/


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  1. Hi Dustin.
    Since I got the UbuntuMan code past weeks ago I was looking if there's an API ready for search manpages.ubuntu instead of using a parser to get the info, I am concerning about this because we will be able to make some search based on the user language, not only english.


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