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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Byobu 4.18 released, getting close to tmux profiles ;-)


I just released and uploaded Byobu 4.18 to the PPA for older Ubuntu releases and to Ubuntu Oneiric.  I'm very close to having profiles for tmux, as per the feedback to this post a few weeks ago.

In moving that direction, I needed to refactor Byobu's status framework, such that it could be usable by both Screen and Tmux.  So I created a byobu-statusd daemon that gathers and updates status as it expires, caching it in a run directory in tmpfs.  This has the really nice side effect that it should be much more efficient and less resource intensive, involving hundreds of fewer shell forks per minute.  Thanks to Scott Moser for some of the code and much help along the way!

That said, a lot of code has changed with byobu-4.18.  Please, please, please test it and report bugs in the usual location in Launchpad: