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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anyone interested in Byobu profiles for Tmux?

Last week, my friend and colleague Gustavo Niemeyer introduced me to tmux, modern alternative to GNU Screen.  While I had heard of tmux before, I had never used it.  I spent a few hours this week getting familiar with a handful of how-to tutorials, testimonials of people who have switched from screen to tmux, and of course, the manpage itself.

The short of it is -- I'm really damn impressed!  It seems like a feature-filled terminal multiplexer, with an vibrant community, active developer base, and regular releases.

To get my feet wet this weekend, I started by duplicating many of Byobu's keybindings in my ~/.tmux.conf.  I had to learn a bit about tmux to accomplish that (and even write one trivial patch against tmux to get it working better with gnome-terminal).  You can find my Byobu-like ~/.tmux.conf here, which I've committed to the Byobu source tree and installing from the Byobu PPA packages in /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmux.  While I have most of the keybindings working, I have not ported over any of the byobu-status scripts yet.  (I'm still thinking about the best way to go about doing that so that they could work with both screen and tmux.)

So I'm curious...
  1. Any Ubuntu/tmux users out there?
  2. Anyone interested in being able to use Byobu's goodness (keybindings, live status information) with tmux (in addition to screen)?