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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ubuntu Server: Suspend/Hibernate for Jaunty?

We spent an hour yesterday at the Ubuntu Developer Summit discussing the potential of suspending, hibernating, and resuming an Ubuntu server.

The Ubuntu Desktop has gotten really good at suspend/hibernate/resume. I think I've suspended/resumed my laptop 30 times already at UDS. Woohoo!

With Ubuntu virtual machines, we have a couple of ways to "suspend" or "hibernate" at the hypervisor level, with pausing, and snapshotting.

I'm suggesting that we close the gap and attempt to support hibernate and/or suspend in the Ubuntu Server OS.

Radical? Perhaps... A number of people noted that, "No one hibernates or suspends a server." But that's what's so attractive about it to me.

On the positive side, the frameworks have been established already on the Desktop side. The pm-utils package provides command-line utilities to enter into the lower power states. Most i386 and amd64 server hardware is remarkably similar to laptop/desktop hardware from an ACPI perspective.

On the negative side, much server hardware (think PCI devices) have never been tested for suspend/hibernate and resume. We would additionally need something like wake-on-lan, open-ipmi, or nut to remotely send the "wake up" signal.

Okay so the use cases... We came up for a couple, but I'm certainly looking for more.

Server hibernation might be useful for offline hardware maintenance, migration of installations from real hardware to virtual machines, and migration from virtual machines to real hardware.

Server suspend might be useful for faster power-on and hot spare backup servers.

Either way, such a feature would allow an administrator to bring Ubuntu servers running on real hardware down to low-power states, and resume back to a running system and restore the previous context. We discussed build servers and DNS servers as potential candidates, in that these systems build a cache of valuable data into memory over time--to reboot or shutdown is to clear memory and loose the "optimal performance" state.

I suspect you might have some other server scenarios that could potentially benefit from hibernate/suspend/resume... If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Or, if you would rather, you can join the ranks that are calling me crazy for even proposing this ;-)