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Thursday, August 4, 2011 Tongue in Cheek Humor, or Par for the Course?

Jon Corbet at writes:
On the same day that Oracle announced the acquisition, CentOS developer Karanbir Singh suggested that one place the CentOS community could help out would be in the creation of a ksplice update stream. CentOS updates had been available from Ksplice Inc., on a trial basis at least; the company even somewhat snidely let it be known that they were providing updates for CentOS during the first few months of 2011, when the CentOS project itself had dropped the ball on that job. Oracle-ksplice still claims to support CentOS, but there is not even a trial service available for free; anybody wanting update service for CentOS must pay for it from the beginning. (The free service for Fedora and Ubuntu appears to still be functioning, for now - but who builds a high-availability system on those distributions?).

Quite a few people, actually!  :-)  Maybe even a few readers here.  Anyone?