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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Try Ubuntu Server in the Cloud on our Dime!

in the Cloud

At the Lucid Release Party in Austin, Texas, I bought a round of beer, and I remarked that for the price of a pint of the local micro-brew (about $5 at this particular pub), I could have bought everyone in the pub an hour of Ubuntu Server run time in the cloud. At $0.10/hour, we could have launched 50 instances, and spent part of the release party test-driving the new server release. I mentioned the idea to Scott Moser and Dave Walker (among others), who actually grabbed the idea and ran with it...
So we're celebrating the release of the Ubuntu 10.10.10 Server this Sunday by offering anyone with a account one free hour running their own Ubuntu Server instance in Amazon's EC2 Cloud.

This is an absolutely unprecedented offer:

Canonical will foot the bill for you to try
Ubuntu Server in the Cloud!

To participate, here's what you need:
  1. An account on
  2. A public/private SSH key pair
  3. Your public SSH key uploaded to your account
That's it!

Our web application will launch a brand new Official Ubuntu Server Image in an m1.small instance, and insert your public SSH key into the instance. Within minutes, you will have root (sudo) in the instance. With root access, you can do pretty much anything you want within the instance! You can install applications, compile your code, host network services, poke around the filesystem, compare it to previous versions of Ubuntu or other UNIX or Linux distributions. We just ask that you abide by the Amazon Terms of Service, and the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Get in while you can, at: