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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Register Bloodied by Lack of Research

Typically, I read and respect The Register. They usually run intriguing technology articles that make me think.

I'm quite disappointed with today's carelessly researched piece:
Specifically, these paragraphs regarding eCryptfs:

Encryption proved a hurdle for Ubuntu forum member XXXX, who decried the lack of automation on encrypting his home partition.

"I had chosen to encrypt the home partition when installing 9.04 and then wasn't able to get the passphrase command to complete the encryption process to work properly," XXXX wrote.

Finally, after a late night and getting some advice online, XXXX wrote: "I certainly wish the encryption mounting process was more automated like everything else is!!"

Lack of automation? In Ubuntu 9.10, encrypting your home directory is a matter of selecting a check box in the installer:

That's it. 9.04 Encrypted Home upgrading users simply run update-manager and upgrade all packages to 9.10. Their home directory encryption is not affected by this.

The author of this article found one post in the Ubuntu Forums poorly articulating an issue with home directory encryption and suddenly Ubuntu 9.10 users are getting "bloodied" by encryption in Ubuntu? Seriously?

The Register, we are expecting more from you...