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Friday, February 27, 2009

Improving Manpage Content

For those looking to contribute to Ubuntu (and in general, to Linux)
documentation, I'm pleased to announce a new vector.

I have previously posted about the Ubuntu Manpage Repository:

Earlier this week, I rolled out a new feature, whereby each page has a tiny "bug" icon near the top. Such as:

Clicking on the bug icon will bring you to a Launchpad page where you can report a bug against the package providing incorrect manpage content. Please file these bugs with:
  • Importance: Wishlist
  • Tags: manpage
For example:
Note also that you can download the source of any given manpage directly from the manpage-repository webpage. See the link to ecryptfs.7.gz:

For information about generating a patch, see:

From the manpage source, you can correct the manpage documentation, generate a patch, and attach it to the Launchpad bug. If you do this, make sure you:
  1. flag the attachment as a patch
  2. mark the bug as 'In Progress'
  3. assign the bug to yourself
  4. subscribe the appropriate team for uploading
    • ubuntu-main-sponsors
    • ubuntu-universe-sponsors
And in the interest of being a good Open Source Citizen, please also forward your patch to the appropriate upstream project (and/or Debian)!