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Monday, August 1, 2011

Canyon Edge Aurora/Solar now publishing to

A big thanks to Eric Sandeen for introducing me to -- a website dedicated to collecting and graphing PV/Solar data.  It has a really well documented service API.
I updated my cronjob that logs data from my Solar Inverter using Curt Blank's aurora (which I've packaged for Ubuntu), to additionally submit my data to  You can see my array's current day live data at:, and from there, click through various views of daily, weekly, monthly, etc. reports.

I backfilled the last 1.5 years with monthly output totals, but as of July 31, 2011, I should have much more granular outputs, corresponding my my cronjob which runs every 15 minutes.

Having done that, I see that our array is currently ranked 3rd in overall power generation of all arrays registered at!  That won't last too long, though, as there are a couple of much bigger arrays gathering sun a lot faster than ours, so I grab a screenshot for now :-)

A current snapshot from my inverter shows these values:

Current date/time: 01-Aug-2011 12:30:01

Daily Energy               =      11.692 KWh
Weekly Energy              =      47.445 KWh
Monthly Energy             =      11.691 KWh
Yearly Energy              =    6253.736 KWh
Total Energy               =   18596.278 KWh
Partial Energy             =   10700.143 KWh

Current date/time: 01-Aug-2011 12:30:05

Input 1 Voltage            =  279.369812 V
Input 1 Current            =   12.553665 A
Input 1 Power              = 3507.114990 W

Input 2 Voltage            =  272.658813 V
Input 2 Current            =    3.934551 A
Input 2 Power              = 1072.789917 W

Grid Voltage Reading       =  235.901169 V
Grid Current Reading       =   18.746544 A
Grid Power Reading         = 4391.979980 W
Frequency Reading          =   60.016804 Hz.

DC/AC Coversion Efficiency =        95.9 %
Inverter Temperature       =   67.880447 C
Booster Temperature        =   61.183586 C

The key number there is: Total Energy =   18596.278 KWhThat means that we've generated 18.6 megawatt-hours of power to date!

I also added the PVOutput widget to the bottom of the right column of this blog.